Other selected innovations

Other innovations

MemoryHome is a unique method to improve contact with people with Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia. A personal 'memory palace' evokes memories.

MEMORIDE of Activ84health NV is a virtual cycling platform that ensures that residents of a care institution remain physically, cognitively, and socially active. It is an application that makes it possible for elderly people to cycle through their past.

Reebocon Bionics is developing a light knee replacement (Intelleg) and an exoskeleton. They work via an intelligent system. This makes it possible for people with a physical disability to stand up and walk.

Parlangi is an online platform for intergenerational learning. Young and old have conversations with each other in the mother tongue of the older person. In this way, the young people polish their language skills and gain wisdom, while the elderly in turn have social contact.

Klup is a Dutch app for people over 50 with the main goal of reducing loneliness and social isolation. Users are linked to each other on the basis of shared interest and location. This allows new contacts to be made in their own environment and activities to be undertaken together.

Smart Power Sockets and AI are smart power sockets with built-in sensors. This makes it possible to monitor the daily activities of the elderly. In this way, a picture can be formed of an older person's daily activities and a change in lifestyle patterns can indicate that something is wrong.

The companion robot Cutii of the company Yumii can provide access to a complete catalogue of activities and services for the elderly through voice and facial recognition. Activities can range from planning a virtual museum visit to spending some time with the grandchildren.

WellWatch is an innovation of Care UK. It is a smartwatch combined with an alarm service for a vulnerable elderly person. The aim is to use data and smart intelligence to minimise the consequences of a fall in the elderly.

Mechion is a start-up that makes autonomous patient observation systems to detect dementia. They use artificial intelligence to provide analyses, insights, quantitative and qualitative data to family members, carers and doctors. In this way, dementia can be detected at an early stage.


VIA is a care innovation of the English company Nascenta. It is an online community where people with disabilities are linked to a volunteer who can take them to a particular destination.

The SenseRadar is a new technique that offers possibilities to accurately measure sleep and make relevant analyses. The technique is contactless and can measure through a multitude of materials.

Walk with Path is a company from the UK that has developed the Pathfinder tool to attach to shoes. This tool projects a green laser beam in front of the feet so that, for example, someone with Parkinson's disease gets an incentive to walk.

Families is a smart calendar that helps carers organise their time more efficiently. This should alleviate the isolation of loved ones in need of care, living at home or in a residential facility. With the mobile and web app, families can make calls and plan visits to stay in touch with their loved ones as often as possible.

Sensara uses various sensors to collect data about the lifestyle of senior citizens living alone. Via an app the caregiver or care professional can receive reports of abnormalities and if help is needed.

The Music Chair is a chair for people with dementia with speakers in the headrests, so that the music can be heard by the person sitting in the chair but not by the surroundings. This makes it possible for someone to listen to music of their own choice, without the living room and others necessarily having to listen to it.

UNAIDE are motion detectors connected to a remote assistance box. The detectors are installed in the home and automatically detect an abnormality in the patient's rhythm of life. Without a camera, the patient's privacy and lifestyle are preserved.

CareTeam is an app from the English company Nascenta. With these apps, informal carers can coordinate the care around their nearest and dearest and also with the care professionals.

Remarkable Tech is developing an online application that can be used for sharing memories by chronologically storing individual life stories during an older person's life. In addition, a 'care passport' provides insight into relevant non-medical information about the elderly.

Prediktiv's Into.care platform improves the workflow of healthcare organisations. A care planning can be drawn up, team members can be assigned and receive the information they need to carry out their tasks. In this way, the platform into.care gives control over daily care routines, speeding up administrative processes.

The Freya Levate is a walking aid with a stand-up function, a 2-in-1 walking rack. The walking frame helps senior citizens withstanding up problems to stand up independently from the sitting position. The Freya Levate can also be used as a standard walking frame. This relieves the burden on care professionals and informal carers because less help is needed for the elderly.

The Neo-Slip is a nurse-designed supportive cold puller, taking comfort and safety into account. The product ensures that applying the support stocking is just as easy as putting on ordinary socks. The Neo-Slip is made of smooth material with a minimum of friction. This makes it easier and quicker for the carer or care professional to put on the support stockings at the client's home.