Reliable underwear that looks good

Reliable underwear that looks good

Entusia is a specially designed collection of underwear for (mild) urine loss. The mission of Entusia is to design beautiful, comfortable, sexy, washable, and reusable underwear for women and men with urine leakage.

Entusia panties are made with a new type of fibre that provides improved absorption. Each slip has a thin lining, a pad that is incorporated into the slip. This pad absorbs urine very quickly, while odours are immediately neutralised.


Urinary loss is a major problem

One in three women and one in four men over the age of 50 suffer from urine leakage. Urinary incontinence varies from a few drops to larger amounts. Urinary incontinence is still taboo, and little is said about it.

Existing solutions for urine leakage are panty liners and pads for women and pads for men. In addition to feeling unsafe, users also experience the burden of having to carry extra materials with them each time.

The solution
of Entusia

The panties of Entusia are made of soft quality fabrics. The finishing has been done to ensure that the underwear is beautiful, comfortable, and sexy. The underwear is also washable and reusable. The slip contains a thin pad made of a new type of fibre that absorbs urine quickly.

The path consists of three different layers:

  • Layer 1: the fibres of the top layer very easily allow urine to pass through, so that the skin remains dry.
  • Layer 2: the middle layer holds the urine and absorbs ten times its own weight in half a second. This is 20 times faster than cotton or bamboo, for example.
  • Layer 3: The outer layer is waterproof, light and durable. It ensures that urine cannot get through the slip.

The pad is integrated in the slip, so that it stays in place and cannot move, as with a panty liner. The Entusia panties are washable and therefore reusable. The antibacterial treatment of the pad reduces the risk of infections and neutralises odours.

Findings taken into
account in future design

In the SEAS2Grow process, the product has been further improved by including the findings of end users and healthcare professionals in the future design.

Co-creation sessions and business interviews with healthcare professionals and potential clients took place in four countries. In addition, live tests were held with end users. These activities were carried out by LiCalab (Belgium), municipality of Alkmaar/Smart Homes (the Netherlands), La Vie Active (France) and Anglia Ruskin Univ (Great Britain). A total of 47 end-users participated in the live tests. Eleven healthcare professionals and six experts from distribution/sales attended the co-creative sessions and business interviews.

What was unique was that in SEAS2Grow men tested Entusia underwear for the first time.

Of all users, 80% found Entusia to be a better solution than the alternatives they use today. They based themselves on the following criteria: feeling of dryness, leakage, odour nuisance, skin irritation, ease of use (including washing instructions) and feeling while wearing.

A video was shot with the company shown at the annual SEAS2Grow event in Brussels on March 2018.

The sequel

A distributor has been found in France and in Belgium Entusia can now be found in numerous home care shops and lingerie shops. Entusia is exploring new European markets and has also developed a webshop in four languages: Dutch, French, English, and German.

Entusia is also focusing more and more on residential care centres. The reasons for this are:

  • Products stimulate the self-confidence, dignity, and autonomy of the residents. Like normal underwear, the products can be worn in one piece for 24 hours. As a result, care or nursing staff do not have to change the bandages twice or three times a day.

This stimulates the autonomy of the resident, making him or her feel better. In addition, the care or nursing staff save 10 minutes per day per resident. This gives them more time for other tasks.

  • Products are cost-saving in purchasing and waste processing. Entusia has mapped this out together with two groups of care centres. Entusia's underwear can be washed at least sixty times. That saves money on the purchase. Together with the care centres, we have also mapped out how much waste is saved on an annual basis when using Entusia. This also turned out to be a cost saving.

Entusia is also developing underwear with a higher level of absorption, because there is a huge demand for this.

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