A digital platform
for speech therapy

A digital platform for speech therapy is a digital platform for speech therapy that can be used by both clients and healthcare providers. The clients are people with voice, speech, language, and swallowing problems. The therapists are speech therapists. Clients can follow their personal path via the platform. The therapists follow their clients closely.

Useful for both client and speech therapist

Online speech therapy, also known as telelogopaedics, is a useful tool for both the client and the speech therapist. Both do not have to leave their homes for coaching and therapy counselling. Moreover, they are less tied to traditional therapy times. calls itself 'the most complete platform for telelogopaedics'. The online sessions can be expanded with various possibilities.

Direct feedback
on the exercises

The core of is that the digital platform, accessible via the internet, can be used by both client and healthcare provider. As a result, the effect of a speech therapist's treatment in online sessions can be expanded. The speech therapist can provide the client with exercises such as 'homework'. In addition, the platform gives the client extensive opportunities to try out test material or add exercises. The client carries out the exercises by speaking texts and receives immediate feedback on the correct pronunciation and interpretation of the exercise. Via the platform, the speech therapist can follow the way in which the client has practised, how successful this has been and where the difficult points lie.

Online sessions
and test

As part of SEAS2Grow, two online sessions with professionals took place in June and July 2020. Four speech therapists from TanteLouise's care and nursing home were involved. They tested the platform on three clients for a fortnight: two intramural and one extramural.

The speech therapists consider to be a useful tool for both client and therapist.

The tool does not work for all target groups, but it does help to extend the effect of a physical treatment. Digital skills and getting used to the website are necessary for success. In addition, the platform is freely language- and culture-sensitive. This means that nuances in language, meaning or pronunciation must be included in the use.

Unfortunately, due to the outbreak of COVID-19, no other co-creation sessions could take place.

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