Innovations with a silver lining

Selected innovations highlighted

Top 10 innovations

  • The Wolk protects the hips in the event of a fall


    The Wolk is a clever hip protector that prevents hip fractures. In the event of a fall, the hips are protected using sensors and airbags.

  • Products that make life more beautiful


    According to TUOI, beautiful, elegant products can help to enjoy the present without sacrificing comfort, safety, or functionality.

  • Reliable underwear that looks good


    The mission of Entusia is to design beautiful, comfortable, sexy, washable, and reusable underwear for women and men with urine leakage.

  • Predicting and
    preventing falls

    CUSH Health

    They are developing a way to predict and prevent falls in the elderly. They are using algorithms and tools such as smartphones and smartwatches.

  • Lifebloom assists with getting up and walking


    Lifebloom devised a tool to help people with a physical disability get up and walk. The product gives the user mechanical support, even if the problems

  • Rehabilitation with online personal guidance


    an online platform for people undergoing knee or hip surgery. Based on personal data, the moveUP care team draws up a tailor-made rehabilitation programme.

  • Rollz Motion Rhythm puts Parkinson patients in motion

    Rollz Motion Rhythm

    The Rollz Motion is a rollator that can be converted into a wheelchair. The stable Rollz Motion, which has been tested within SEAS2Grow, is a rollator developed for people with disturbed walking patterns

  • A smart
    medicine box


    he pharmacy fills YOURmeds with the medicines and ensures that the device is set up correctly. An acoustic signal and a flashing light indicate when the user needs to take medication.

  • Memory trainer for

    Brain training programs

    Stim'Art is a memory training application specially designed for seniors with memory problems. Games and assignments are used to train the brain and memory.

  • A digital platform
    for speech therapy

    A digital platform for speech therapy that can be used by both clients and healthcare providers. The clients are people with voice, speech, language, and swallowing problems.