Products that make life more beautiful

Products that make life more beautiful

The TUOI design label designs products and services that make life easier for the elderly and are attractive to all generations.

According to TUOI, beautiful, elegant products can help to enjoy the present without sacrificing comfort, safety, or functionality.

Functional products that are timeless

According to TUOI, products that are comfortable, safe and functional can also be beautiful and elegant. That is why TUOI products, such as furniture for example, are equipped with well thought-out functions for ease of use and safety, but they are also aesthetically enriching. The understanding of changing physical abilities, combined with creativity and experience, inspires the company to design functional products that meet the needs of the elderly. Moreover, a TUOI design is timeless and desirable in every phase of life.

Age is more than one number

TUOI' is the Vietnamese word for 'age'. In Vietnamese culture, age is more than a number. Age is a positive force, of wisdom and perspective, which must be cherished, respected, and loved.

A refreshing

TUOI held a successful pitch in May 2018. SEAS2Grow's partners found the design label to be a refreshing product and saw great potential. TUOI was tested at the Smartest Home in the Netherlands in Eindhoven and at care organisation La Vie Active in Hauts-de-France in France. The Flemish LiCalab care laboratory took care of setting up the test protocol and analysing the test results.

Several visitors of the Smartest Home in the Netherlands have tried De Pause and de Mute. These products have also been tested by healthcare professionals and implementation consultants from healthcare organisations in Eindhoven.

The Pause is TUOI's new ergonomic seating collection that combines comfort with radically simplified aesthetics.

The Mute is a sleeping system consisting of an adjustable headboard and is an innovative response to different sensitivities to sound, light, and fresh air. This sleeping system consists of a back that can be placed at the head end of the cot and has a folding slide that can be placed between the two cushions. Integrated bedside cabinets solve the problem of storage space next to the bed.

The testers noted the functional character and elegance of the products and rated it as positive.

La Vie Active tested the Hold, a multifunctional wall cabinet. A distinctive aspect is the elegant, discreet yet perfectly ergonomic integration of a solid and practical handrail into the handle.

In addition, business interviews were conducted with possible regional representatives/sales channels for the products.

In France ten elderly people took part in the user tests and in the Netherlands seven. End users indicated that they consider the products to be of high quality. In France, only the Hold was tested and the majority of testers would recommend this product. In the Netherlands, the Pause and the Mute were tested. The end users mainly gave practical tips to further improve the products, especially in terms of user-friendliness. The testers qualified the TUOI brand as stylish, solid, sleek and also liked the colours used in the range.

The sequel

Thanks to the business interviews conducted at La Vie Active in France, TUOI found a dealer for their products de Pause and de Mute. Tous Ergo offers the products in France, where the start-up has thus been realised.

In the UK, a matchmaking was set up with the innovative residential care centre Auriens, which asked for a quotation for the delivery of twenty copies of the Pause.

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