A smart
medicine box

A smart medicine box

YOURmeds is a smart medicine box that helps the user to take the right medicines at the right time. The pharmacy fills YOURmeds with the medicines and ensures that the device is set up correctly. An acoustic signal and a flashing light indicate when the user needs to take medication.

A number appears on the screen indicating which box with the medicines should be opened. If the user forgets to remove medicines from the box, an app notification will be sent to pre-selected persons, such as family, carers and the healthcare institution.

YOURmeds increases self-reliance

The smart medicine box helps people to remain independent and in control of their medication. YOURmeds increases self-reliance and thus reduces the need for home care. The warning system also increases the peace of mind of the user, family, friends, and carers.

The working method
of YOURmeds

YOURmeds consists of a Pack and a Tag. The YOURmeds Pack contains colourfully numbered boxes that the pharmacy fills with medicines for one week. The YOURmeds Tag is clicked on the Pack. This device indicates with an acoustic signal and a flashing light when the medicines need to be taken. A number corresponding to the number of the box containing the medicines appears on the screen of the Tag.

If the user forgets to open a box, the support network is notified via the YOURMEDs app. This network consists of self-chosen family members, informal carers and/or healthcare providers.

Live testing

In the Netherlands, the Care Innovation Center conducted a live test at Thebe, in collaboration with The Hague Pharmacy in Breda. Thebe wants to implement the product with new clients. Five clients have participated in the live test since early 2020 and are very satisfied with YOURmeds. When asked what grade they gave the product on the scale of 1 to 10, they were given a 10 twice and an 8 and a 9 twice. One client answered with: "It's so easy, a great invention."

The live test is now also started at Surplus. Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, the live test has not yet been scaled up any further.

In Belgium, LiCalab set up a Human Factor Study for YOURmeds, in which 16 elderly people participated. This resulted in the necessary recommendations to further improve the product. It is advised to give clear instructions and a demonstration on how to open the boxes. It is also recommended to increase the ease with which the boxes can be opened and the medicines removed.

A market study has also been carried out in Belgium and France, which provides an insight into competitive products on the market, regulations and potential market reach.


YOURmeds is on the market in Great Britain. The market area is now being extended to the Netherlands, Belgium, and France.

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