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Memory trainer for seniors

Annelies is a memory training application specially designed for seniors with memory impairment. Games and assignments are used to train the brain and memory. The app can be used on a tablet and is available in several languages.

The Annelies app has been developed especially for the Dutch-speaking market and all the programs were developed by the French company Dynseo.

Maintain memory condition

Memory training helps maintain a good memory condition. The trainings consist of exercises, games and techniques that reduce the loss of memory. The training is effective if it is repeated on a regular basis.

With the memory trainer Annelies, the exercises can be performed at the user's own pace. The app is particularly suitable for seniors with memory problems. It can be used in specialized settings as well as at home. In nursing homes by speech therapists, activity counsellors, psychologists, and occupational therapists with residents with early cognitive disorders or who suffer from Alzheimer's disease. At home, the user can carry out the training alone, with or without a caregiver.

Annelies for the
Netherlands and Belgium

After an English and a French version, Dynseo wanted to market a Dutch version. This resulted in Annelies. The 15 different games have not only been adapted in Dutch, but also with examples from his own country for Dutch and Flemish seniors with cognitive problems.

Annelies especially suitable
for elderly people
without dementia

In their desire to create a version of the apps adapted for the Dutch and Flemish seniors, Dynseo wanted to know what the situation of the market in these countries was. The focus was put on older people suffering from some form of memory impairment, seeking help in institutions or day care centre.

In Flanders the live tests took place over a long period of time. The reason for that being that the tests started just before the outbreak of COVID-19 and the lockdown, therefore the results could only be retrieved after months. The participants, from 62 to 93 years old, tried out the different games and assignments from the app and gave feedback on each game/assignment.

The research shows that Annelies is suitable for elderly people without dementia. The different games are interesting for them and after training with them for a while, they can start using it on their own.

For people with dementia, the app is too difficult. One-to-one counselling is necessary and there is no visible progress.

The translations are another point of attention. The app was well received by both participants and supervisors. The guidance is intensive in the beginning, but the participants like to play with the app. Because of the positive experience, the nursing home have expressed their desire to buy tablets. In the Netherlands, the live test has been postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak. This means that a new version of the app can be tested.

A market survey has also been carried out in both Belgium and the Netherlands.


The sequel

The Annelies app is now available in the App Store (Apple) and Google Play (Android). The subscription fee is

5 euros per month. Of this, 1 euro will be donated to research against Alzheimer's disease on each purchase.