The Wolk protects the hips in the event of a fall

The Wolk protects the hips in the event of a fall

The Wolk is a clever hip protector that prevents hip fractures. In the event of a fall, the hips are protected using sensors and airbags. The Wolk not only reduces the number of hip fractures,

but also saves time for care workers and gives the client and family a calmer life. In 2020, Wolk won the National Healthcare Innovation Award from the public.

Hip fractures are a major problem

Hip fractures are common; in the Netherlands already about 18,000 times a year. Three quarters of people with a broken hip are 75 years of age or older. Hip fractures are a major problem in elder care. In addition to the pain and misery for the victim and the family, a hip fracture requires 200 extra hours from the nursing home staff. In addition, care staff and family are constantly worried about their falling-risk clients and loved ones.

This is how Wolk works

The Wolk consists of a band worn around the waist. The protector contains airbags and sensors. The sensors monitor every movement 500 times per second and recognise a fall immediately. Before the wearer hits the ground, an airbag is inflated around the hip. This makes the fall soft.

A fall is automatically reported to the contact person by text message, indicating the location. In addition, the Wolk carrier can also sound the alarm itself. The Wolk is reusable. After each fall, the pattern used can easily be replaced, after which the Wolk provides full protection again.

Successful tests at
care organisations

By the time Wolk was selected for the SEAS2Grow project, the innovation had already been tested by TanteLouise. Participation in SEAS2Grow was particularly interesting for Wolk because of the foreign market. Wolk was therefore introduced at care organisation La Vie Active in Hauts-de-France. The owners of Wolk personally travelled to the north of France in early 2020 to make the final preparations.

For 8 weeks, five residents of La Vie Active tried out the smart hipbag. In mid-March 2020, the final evaluation took place between the partners of SEAS2Grow and Wolk.

The healthcare professionals at La Vie Active are enthusiastic about the Wolk. It is user-friendly and both clients and carers feel more secure when the Wolk is carried.

From the Netherlands
to France

The Wolk is currently used by over seventy care organisations in the Netherlands. The success is undeniable. More than 1,000 people are protected, more than 250 traps have been prevented and more than 10 million healthcare costs have been saved, according to Wolk.

The enthusiasm spread to France. At the end of 2020, negotiations will take place on how best to implement the Wolk in France. SEAS2Grow's French business partners are trying to make the right connections and establish the so-called 'route-to-market' for the Wolk in France.